Khan Academy

Khan Academy ( is the world’s largest free educational portal.

The website offers over 8,000 video lessons and 100,000 interactive exercises. They are integrated in an education social network where teachers can get access to useful classroom management information. Khan Academy’s lessons cover topics from primary school, secondary school, and graduate school preparatory modules, as well as a myriad of general knowledge topics, including lectures from our partners at NASA, MIT, MoMA, and many others. To date, over 26 million people from 190 countries have registered on and used Khan Academy.  Among the project’s founding partners are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, and others.

All this is available for free and accessible to everyone in the world.


Founded in 2006 in USA, the portal has been translated in over 100 different languages with Bulgarian among the most active and exhaustive translations. Behind this initiative is Obrazovanie bez ranitzi (Education without Backpacks).

Khan Academy in Bulgaria

Since 2011, hundreds of volunteers- translators, editors, teachers, and other experts- have donated thousands of hours of their time and generous amounts of money to the organization. Thanks to these efforts, in 2014, we were able to launch a pilot version of Khan Academy in Bulgarian (, which offers access to 1,800 translated videos, visited by thousands of monthly users. In addition, 160 more translated videos are available via YouTube.

In 2016, we plan to roll out the full live version of the website in Bulgarian.

We further plan to develop a mentors networks. Its aim is to help children, teachers, and parents use the Khan Academy website, as well as other world-class free online educational resources


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