Our mission

… is to translate and adapt the world’s best free educational resources and to support students, teachers, families, and all those involved in education in achieving educational success.

Our vision

… is to modernize every educational environment and learning approaches (in Bulgaria), by applying technologies in a valuable way and developing the students’ curiosity and potential.

We believe that:

  • anyone can learn anything;
  • every student in the 21st century should have access to free online educational resources and be digitally involved and literate;
  • for a school to be successful, it should implement sensible technologies and rely largely on the human factor in the classroom;
  • the school can do much more when it is supported by business and the civil sector to unleash its potential;
  • the role of technology in the classroom is to make the learning process more efficient and meaningful, engaging and easy;
  • the successful teacher inspires students to learn, helps them progress at their own pace, anywhere and anytime, including with their personal device;
  • education can benefit significantly from high-quality and established digital platforms, which provide tools for teachers and feedback for children and complement well the activities in the classroom;
  • the best is yet to come and we are working with inspiration and love for the freedom of learning, together with anyone who wishes to support our mission.


Education Without Backpacks (EWB) is a non-profit legal entity for public benefit. Education Without Backpacks’ aims to support the modernization of education in Bulgaria and to create alternative educational and cultural resources in Bulgarian, mainly online. You can view our founding charter below:

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hi@ obr.education

Rozalina Laskova
Executive director
r.laskova@ obr.education
(+359) 885 226012

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