About ObR


“Obrazovanie bez ranitsi” (Education without Backpacks, or EwB) assists the modernization of Bulgarian education and the creation of alternative educational and cultural resources in Bulgarian. Currently, the organization’s main project is the localization, awareness and adoption Khan Academy, the world’s largest free education platform. We also work with several other free world-class education tools.

Khan Academy is a free education platform which offers about 10,000 video lessons and 100,000 interactive exercises in mathematics, computer sciences, and other subjects. 70M+ people globally have used Khan Academy. Its topics cover K-12 and even graduate education. Some lectures come from partners like NASA, MIT, MoMA, etc.

EwB supports a community of learners with the best free tools. That community values new knowledge and seeks new ways to obtain it, in order to improve every-day life efficiently and independently.

We invite you to join us, thus sharing our values, enthusiasm, and successes! Follow EwB’s Facebook profile, or our Khan Academy community to learn about our activities and events.

Part of EwB’s team (left to right): Nikola Chernev (Board member), Rozalina Laskova (CEO), Nikoleta Nikolaeva (co-founder), Ivan Gospodinov (Board Chairman).

Daniel Cholakov (EwB founder and board member) with Sal Khan and other colleagues form the global team (Mountain View, CA, US, 2014).

A volunteers’ meet-up.