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For over 10 years Khan Academy has offered free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Our cause is to translate, adopt and raise awareness for the world-famous platform in Bulgarian, so more people take advantage of this free resource. Many teachers, like Ms. Milenkova, and pupils, like Vanesa and Petur from 4th grade in Sofia’s 137th Elementary School, want to use the platform in Bulgarian, their native language.

We need funds to make this possible. We have been translating Khan Academy since 2011, only via volunteer work and few individual donations. Many students throughout the country already use the 1 800 (out of 8 000) subtitled video tutorials. Several thousand interactive exercises, out of 100 000, are also translated, and we work further with content experts and academics to guarantee the translation quality.

It’s clear we have much work to complete the translation of the platform’s full content. So we are starting a fundraising campaign to help us fulfill our goals.

With your help, this campaign is only a step in a longer journey, since the translation and quality control of Khan Academy’s full content require many more funds, together with volunteer efforts.

Your donation will help Khan Academy content reach thousands of Bulgarian children. Remember that 40 % of them do not have access to quality education.

With Khan Academy we give them a world-class free resource that saves money for private lessons and allows them to have fun while studying. It also lets teachers and parents easily track their progress and help them with their learning.

Let’s make Bulgaria part of Khan Academy’s global community of 26 million learners!

We will use the funds from this campaign to achieve the official “live” version of Khan Academy in Bulgarian. What remains to be done:

  • translate the subtitles for and dub several hundred lessons
  • translate and adapt several thousand exercises

With your help we can do it faster!

How to donate and/or share?

Click here for the Global Giving donation page or copy the link in your browser:

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How much to donate?

Every dollar counts! Find the different options on the campaign page.

When to donate?

The campaign has an open end.


Thank you!

Give Now

Thanks to our partners in producing this video: the students from grade 4 and Ms Desislava Milenkova from 137. Highschool "Angel Kunchev“, Sofia; Children's science museum "Muzeiko"; Katerina Borisova, director; SEMPERIA FILMS; Andrey Asparuhov, camera; Zdravko Yonchev Photography; BUBU Studio; Magazine 8; BO Studio.
 Last but not least - Thank you Ralev for the Logo Design and Superhosting for hosting the website.