Our support during Covid-19 pandemic

Education Without Backpacks during the Covid-19 pandemic

With Covid-19 pandemic, school closure and introduction of distance/online education (in Bulgaria since 16.3.2020), ObR is playing a particularly important role for the Bulgarian educational ecosystem: 

Bulgarian Ministry of Education (MoE) invited us (with few other organizations and representatives of all teacher unions in Bulgaria) to consult on how to introduce distance education, in preparation for the state of emergency. We initiated and, asked by MoE, are expected to co-lead a nationwide process of evaluation of the distance education. MoE recommended Khan Academy (along with only very few other platforms such as Google Classroom, MS Teams) in its first guidelines to all Bulgarian schools. MoE consulted us for Khan Academy’s integration with MS Teams and Office 365 (they chose MS Teams as basis of a new state cloud platform, recommended (but not obligatory yet) to all schools). 

Our first teacher webinar on 13.3.2020 (Google Classroom and Khan Academy) had 700 participants and meanwhile 33000 views; for our latest teacher webinar on 5.4.2020 (Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and Khan Academy) we have over 3400 registered teachers. We are also organizing additional in-depth teacher trainings online and webinars for parents. 

Khan Academy usage was always growing, but now it is mindblowing: Minutes learning time +4x, registered users doubled, time per learner +25%. Bulgarian Khan version is 6th internationally in usage growth for March 2020! (not counting US, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese and Indian versions).

Other partnerships: The single official Google for Education partner in Bulgaria highlighted Khan in their guidelines for G Suite. Microsoft Bulgaria added a button to Khan in Office 365 for Edu. The leading Bulgarian platform for automation of school administration and communication school/parents – integrated all translated Khan’s videos. Viber, the free calling and messaging app with 1+ billion users esp. in CEE and Asia – give Khan Academy as 1 of very few other examples in their new teacher guide for distance learning. 

Internationally we are constantly cooperating and exchanging within Khan Academy’s huge international network as well as with other partner organizations. 


Rozalina Laskova

Managing Director

Education Without Backpacks 

r.laskova @ obr.education, *protected email* 

(+359) 885 226012