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We work for Bulgarian children to have the best free educational resources in the world and to support all those involved in education in achieving high educational success – students, teachers, family and everyone else.


We, “Education without Backpacks”, apply technologies for more successful learning. We help develop students’ curiosity and potential. We implement and translate Khan Academy in Bulgarian language, the largest general education platform in the world.

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KHAN4STEM WEBINAR „The power of the smart digitalisation in schools“

KHAN4STEM WEBINAR „The power of the smart digitalisation in schools“

If you are wondering how can smart digitalisation change the way we learn and teach? How can digital instruments give us more time and energy for creativity at school? How to guide our students in the overwhelming world of information and help them become critical thinkers? Then, join us! The organizations behind Khan Academy in French and Bulgarian, “Libraries Without Borders” (Belgium) and “Education Without Backpacks” (Bulgaria), are pleased to invite you to participate in the free webinar “The Power of Smart Digitalization in Schools”, organised in the context of the Erasmus+ project, KHAN4STEM.

Happy users

Konstantin Nikolov

"I liked Khan Academy a lot because in addition to the tasks I had to solve, it was very well designed with various avatars and badges, which I also had to win."

Spasiyana Zheliyazkova

"I really liked the time I spent at KHAN ACADEMY, because with my participation I managed to consolidate what I learned in math classes during the school year."

Petya Karamiteva

"I really enjoyed studying with Khan Academy. These tests, which I solved, were very useful to me. For example to practice for my class work or for the summer, so I don't forget how to solve problems."

Velina Pencheva

"You restarted us as teachers. I started thinking how "this will work for me...aha, I can do this like that". In this sense, it was a very useful and practical training."

Hristo Hristov

"Thank you for helping students and us teachers provide access to quality, free education for every child."

Darina Dimitrova

"Sincere thanks for the wonderful trainings! Years ago I also took part in them and I try to put what I have learned into practice."

Ivanka Grancharova

"There are materials, videos, pictures and exercises in mathematics that help to develop logical thinking."

Silviya Todorova

"Nicole found Khan Academy extremely interesting and fun, because there were pictures with which she could quickly find her way."

Rositsa Dimitrova

"The Khan Academy tests were one of the few homework assignments he performed willingly."

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