How to Help

Become a volunteer!

You can help us by:

* translating the video subtitles;

* editing the subtitles;

* dubbing the videos with existing Bulgarian subtitles;

* editing the videos;

* helping with the terminology of or providing feedback about the already translated/dubbed Bulgarian lectures (if you are an expert in, for example, mathematics, biology, chemistry); and

* helping with the organization (communication with volunteers, organizations, institutions, etc.)

Make a donation:

You can participate in our crowdfunding campaign at Global Giving:



Or help further develop Khan Academy in Bulgarian via Ammado:

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Lend a helping hand to Education without backpacks by donating to the following bank account:

Account: Obrazovanie bez ranitzi

IBAN: BG80RZBB91551006639897


Bank: Raiffeisen Bank

Bank Address: ul. Gogol 18-20, Sofia

Currency: BGN

For any donation, we can issue a corresponding receipt and/or a confirmation certificate, as well as sign a donation contract.


Two more convenient ways to donate:

The sume and duration of the donation is entirely up to you. The first option is through direct deposit: the amount you donate will be transferred directly from your paycheck to “Obrazovanie bez ranitzi”. The other option is through a direct debit at your bank.

Direct deposit:

Fill in the attached form:

Then provide it to your employer’s accounting department.


Direct debit:

Fill in the attached form:

Then take it to your bank’s local branch.


Contributor information:

Every contributor can receive a certificate and/or receipt for his or her donation, which can be presented to the corresponding country’s tax services. In order to do this, we will need to sign a Donation Contract. Please, contact us at *protected email* for more information.

Thank you for your trust! Your support helps us provide a free world class education to everyone in Bulgaria sooner.