Data is at the heart of our organization and permeates most of our processes. Here is what we mean:

  • Strategy
    • We set and achieve measurable goals, e.g., sustained 50% annual usage growth. We communicate to our funding partners via data from across effort input, immediate impact (e.g., from communication activities) and learning outcomes
    • We track usage trends by school subject and the difference between global and our local usage drives our content strategy
    • We target the organization’s efforts where they are most needed. E.g., NSI and Ministry of Education egov data help us target the right geographical regions by population trends and education attainment
  • Operations
    • We track our translation work in CrowdIn in terms of content growth and process progress
    • Google Analytics is our go-to tool to understand user behavior and content relevance on Our social media communication calendar aims to maximize user engagement and to teach ourselves about people like. We track public media engagement as well, especially media that shares usage statistics
    • When we mentor kids with Khan Academy, we track effort, exercise success and detailed skill development, so that next time we chat with the kid, we know whether to talk about motivation (less time learning) or subject matter (good effort, but lack of understanding)
  • Service to others – we believe that data culture is a key better decisions across society
    • We serve Khan Academy’s global advocate community with data and insights about their learner engagement and content usage by subject. We regularly share new learnings from an evolving data environment
    • We are currently partnering with Data for Good – Bulgaria to build a three-layer self-service environment for Bulgaria’s education community: (a) gathering cleaned and proven public data into an easy centralized repository, (b) linking the data into a logical ontology for querying and development of their own apps and (c) user-facing apps to excite the community with useful insights!

Partnership with Data for Good – Bulgaria

Beyond being very cool people, DfG is a also a team of strong and diverse capabilities. They are data scientists, data engineers, project managers, etc.

Their NGO serves Bulgaria’s civil society with data sharing and analysis. The see data as a key driver of better governance and sustainability for various organizations. In that sense, they aim to create useful scalable products and services to help multiple consumers at the same time.

key enabler is public data that government entities share regularly and ad-hoc – as tools of transparency and insight into society. That’s why DfG advocates for more data sharing and high standards for data formats and ability to link across sources.