The dropout rate in Bulgaria is nearly 14%. Girls make up about half of the dropouts. Often they are from vulnerable communities. Dropping out of school carries an additional risk of poverty and inability to develop professionally and to be economically independent. In addition they replicate a similar pattern in upbringing their own children and generate a vicious circle – lack of education, unfulfilled potential and poverty in their own communities. 

Access to quality education is also hampered by:

  •  the lack of good teachers in the community and
  • interactive learning resources, 
  • not benefiting from the best teaching practices with digital technologies.

We will address the problem in 3 directions: 

1) Online teaching and mentoring programme for girls and women from vulnerable groups who dropped out of the education system.    

2) Online teaching and mentoring programme for girls from vulnerable groups who show the potential to achieve academic success and become role models for their communities.

3) Creation of free online educational resources for students and their teachers/mentors in addition to the already localised by ObR  Khan Academy in Bulgarian website – to help development of learning to learn and leadership skills, entrepreneurial and growth mindsets + materials for Matura exams. 

We are a partnership of 4 organisations aiming to inspire girls and women from vulnerable communities to learn and grow, to strive to a full life and to bring positive impact in their own communities.

Amalipe Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerancе
Leading Roma organization working for equal integration of Roma in Bulgarian society, supports educational mediators appointed in the network of 250 schools.

Institute for Progressive Education Association has its own schools, network of schools  and programs with a strong focus on STEM and empowering girls to pursue scientific careers.

Education without Backpacks works for modernisation of education, particularly in digitalisation and introduction of innovative teaching practices.